Lo Wang. Master Ninja assassin for 20 years. A shadow Warrior. Shadow Warriors are the best of the best,and Lo Wang was the best of the Shadow Warriors. Every top company in Japan had a Shadow Warrior... a protector, a negotiator, a cleaner.

Lo Wang worked for Zilla Enterprises, a conglomerate with control in every major industry. Too much control. Power corrupts, and Master Zilla's corporation was corrupted to the core.

Lo Wang discovered Master Zilla's demonic scheme to rule Japan, using creatures summoned from the dark side. A man of honor, Lo Wang quit. But one as powerful as Wang either must be on your side, or no one's side. Master Zilla unleashes his creations for their test: to kill a single man, a Shadow Warrior... Lo Wang....


SWCHAN - God mode
SWGREED - God mode, gives all keys, items, and ammo
SWGIMME - All weapons, ammo, items, keys
SWMAP - Shows the entire detailed map when Tab key is pressed
SWGHOST - Clipping mode walk through walls
SWTREK## - Warp to level## (01-04 shareware, 05 and up registered)
SWSTART - Restarts current level
SWQUIT - Quits game
WINPACHINKO - Makes it so that you win at the Pachinko machines every time
SWNAME - During a multi-player game, lets you change your name
SWTRIX - Rocket Launcher shoots rabbits
SWLOC - Show frame rate. Use second time, shows location in level
SWRES - Changes screen resolution
DUMPSOUNDS - Development Only - Dumps sound listing to a file
SOUND ### - Development Only - Plays sound number ####

To activate a cheat code in Shadow Warrior press the 'T' key then type in your code and press Enter. 

Note: When you are in God mode only, the J key toggles fly mode. Press A to go up and Z to go down. Press the J key again
to turn off fly mode. Must be left over from Duke Nukem.